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Boyaa Interactive was founded by Mr. Zhang Wei in 2004. On November 12, 2013, Boyaa Interactive International Limited was successfully listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Currently, Boyaa Interactive has developed into a leading developer and operator of card and board games in China.

Relying on its long-term commitment and unique innovative design, Boyaa Interactive has developed more than 60 online games through independent R&D and multi-platform refined operation, most of which are classical card and board games, such as Boyaa Texas Poker, 9K (Thai), Pokdeng (Thai), Remi (Indonesia), Cangkulan (Indonesia), etc.

Boyaa Interactive has an advanced independent research and development system;the ratio of technical staffs is up to 70%. Now, Boyaa Interactive has accumulated a considerable number of patents in 4 areas: storage technology, data mining, distributed network and engine technology. The amount of patent applications are at the forefront of card and board game industry.

In recent years, Boyaa Interactive has achieved a solid and a permanent expansion in both Chinese and overseas markets. Now Boyaa Interactive owns more than 600 million total registered users, located in more than 100 countries and regions. The strong game localization capability enables Boyaa Interactive to re-package games in local languages while perfecting game features to meet local culture tastes as well as market needs. Take Texas Hold'em Poker —the most popular game of Boyaa Interactive, as an example—the game is available in 17 language versions.

A sophisticated technical infrastructure, data analysis, and a responsible customer service make Boyaa Interactive provide exceptional player experiences and attracting player communities continuously. Through these efforts, Boyaa Interactive has built its leading brand image in the card and board games industry. In 2014, Boyaa Interactive was listed in the top of China's Top 100 SMEs with strong potential published by "Forbes" magazine. Then, in the year of 2016, Boyaa Interactive was awarded with the "Most Potential Listed Company", which was issued by the "Chinese Companies Financial Awards". Also in the same year, Boyaa became an official strategic partner of the General Administration of Sport of China.

 Boyaa Interactive is committed to offer stimulating and entertaining multi-platform gaming experiences for players of all ages and societies to implement its enterprise's slogan ?Share the Happiness Anywhere Anytime". Players could easily download Boyaa games in the version which suits them better, through mobile terminal, computer as well as TV to enjoy Boyaa games by followng the motto "Anywhere and Anytime".

In the future, Boyaa Interactive will continue to focus on developing the card and board games, deepening market penetration and continually expanding its global business, improving users' experience while enhancing the incomes to fulfill the goal of Boyaa Interactive——to build a leading centennial brand of online card and board game .